Me at home.
Though not a ‘professional’ artist, in the sense that I do not earn my living from art, and although basically self-taught, I do try to set myself professional standards in the execution and presentation of my work.

Working full time however, in the sales office of a busy engineering company, leaves limited time for my painting activities and therefore I try to make the most of evenings, weekends and holidays.

Although living on the doorstep of Derbyshire’s ‘Peak District’, an obvious source for painting subjects, my favourite locations, and those which give me the most inspiration, are to be found in the Scottish Highlands, the English Lake District and North Wales.

In my early years I had a passion for motor sport subjects and would often try to emulate the style of my then hero Michael Turner. If only I was as good!

'Chris Amon, Matra Simca, 1972 French G.P.'

I am quite happy to take on commissions, depending on subject matter, and in 1999 was very honoured to be commissioned by Mr. Anthony Wikinson, chairman of the nationwide Wilkinson Group of hardware stores. I was to do a painting of his garden… and what a garden! The resulting painting ended up as a Triptich (three paintings in one). Three years later I was again commissioned, by Wikinsons Group, to produce a painting to be used on that years Christmas card, the subject being the group’s Chesterfield Store.

'Wilko Park'
'Chesterfield Wilko'
Commisioned for the Wikinson Group 2003 Christmas card.

A prize winning artist in local exhibitions, I am a former member, and past Vice President, of Worksop Society of Artists, in North Nottinghamshire. Whilst there I had the very great pleasure, along with other members of the group, of seeing one of my paintings published in the ‘Leisure Painter’ magazine of May 1999. I am also a former member of Hallam Art Group, in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, and currently subscribe to the world wide S.A.A. (Society for All Artists). I have exhibited with the Great Sheffield Art Show and, on occasion, have acted as a selection judge for this prestigious event.

'Roadside Trees' (Featured in the May 1999 issue of 'Leisure Painter' magazine.)